Posted by: @spdlm | 04 Feb 11

Best email ever!

Today, 4 February 2011, I decided to write my first ever intentional blog. I have written a few public articles which I made into blogs later as I didn’t want to bin them and since then, I have been procrastinating about writing my own blog. It took me a few years but here we go.

I quite suddenly decided that today is the day to write my first blog probably because of this email I received from an old colleague of mine. He basically said, very proudly, that he is not part of any social network and he will never be. He is convinced that Facebook business model is screwed and that I ought to be more real about my new job. My new job is indeed in social network (start-up) and am very proud of it.

This colleague went on to say that social networking is a reflection of the state of members of society generally. Wow. Big statement, or is it? What is he saying? Is he a politician? Is he a priest? Is he a sociologist? Nope. He trades options (I think). I think he is genuinely upset by my decision to leave his industry. Quite frankly, I thought that his email is the best email I have received in recent years, and one of the all time best.

I am not twisted or being ironic about this. I am genuinely looking forward now, to the day when I will be able to write a blog, or give a talk somewhere ..”I look back to the early years when I had this email from someone I used to work with…”. He may be spot on and all the remainder of his email might perhaps all come true, but I think not. So, this email is the best because I now have a very good chance of telling a good story at dinners for a very long time, and also, it triggered me to write this blog. As my brother says on his skype status, “never is a word you should never use“. I shall continue to tease this educated colleague of mine and see if I can convert him because you never know. (This “never” is allowed, I think)

I intend to write about what has happened to me or around me on a regular basis, with, of course, a good dose of my biased opinions. Till then.


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