I start everything late

I have procrastinated about writing my own blog for some time now. Better late than never, so here is my first and I hope, a long lasting effort to keep up my own blog.


I have to try everything once and learn the hard way. I do not have photographic memory or encyclopaedic knowledge about anything but I strive to be balanced. To be balanced, I need to understand both sides of the equation. I also believe that our single biggest enemy is our own ignorance. But I admit that it too is a vital component in encouraging self-diagnosis of our race. I am hoping that my posts will keep my mind constantly engaged. I may follow a particular theme for a little while before moving on, or jump from one topic to the other sporadically. I can not be responsible for quality writing skills, but I write partly to provoke reaction, which in turn educates me. No personal offence is ever intended but I would like to apologise now if I cause any hard feelings.



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